Mold Proof Your Home Masterclass

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It's nearly impossible to heal from mold toxicity if your home is toxic. I'm going to teach you 100+ tips, tricks and techniques to check for and prevent mold in your home.

Protecting your home protects your body.


Mold is usually hidden 

Trust me, very few people think they have mold in their home. 95%+ of my clients tell me it can't be their home when we get their mycotoxins lab back. After running an ERMI mold test we confirm that it's there. But, the question is where?

Behind Showers

Water goes through grout to create a problem behind tile. Acrylic isn't always safe either.

Inside Walls

Do you know how many water pipe joints fail? How many nails were accidentally shot into pipes?

Within Ceilings

Water flows down and any leaks in the plumbing above you creates a lot of mold in in ceilings.

How toxic mold in the home affects us

These are reasons we work to protect our homes from mold. Mycotoxins are extremely toxic to many systems in the body. Unfortunately, not preventing mold in your home puts you at risk.

  • Aflatoxins can cause cancer in the liver - PubMed
  • Ochratoxin A is toxic to the kidneys and a carcinogen - PubMed
  • Mycophenolic Acid is extremely immunosuppressive - PubMed
  • Fumonisons are organ, reproductive and immune toxic - PubMed
  • Patulin can cause liver and kidney damage, gastro, immune - PubMed
  • Deoxynivalenol affects growth, signalling, immunotoxicity - PubMed
  • Citrinin affects kidneys, liver, mitochondria, is teratogenic - PubMed
  • Zearalenone offers systemic toxicity and hyper estrogenic syndrome - PubMed

This is just a sampling of mycotoxins and just a glimpse at how they affect our bodies. This is why controlling and preventing mold in your home is the highest priority.

What you need to know

I created this 'Mold Proof Your Home' Masterclass to give homeowners like you the knowledge to protect your home, and health. Many mold inspectors don't even know these tips, tricks and techniques. The cleaner your air, the faster your healing.

  • Simple hacks to stop mold before it starts

  • Common places that mold hides in your home

  • Structural considerations to prevent mold

  • Cheap options to mold proof high risk areas

  • Tips and tricks for your homes inside and outside

"Thank you for saving my life."

I went to different practitioners for years to treat my symptoms. It wasn't until Matt said we should consider mold that we found why I was so sick. We addressed my home (and body) and I am finally healing!

Jennifer G.
Sudbury, ON

"Our house doesn't have mold"

I told Matt I was sure our home was mold free. We keep it very clean! Based on my mycotoxin results we tested the home like Matt said. It was horribly mold toxic. I'm on a protocol and can feel the healing now. 

Sharon O.
Chicago, IL

"I thought it was my floxing"

I contacted Matt when I was getting symptoms again after being damaged by antibiotics. It turned out there was mold in my kitchen. Once it was removed my body came back online. Thanks Matt!

Andrea S.

What you get inside

There's barely any part of your home not covered in my 'Mold Proof Your Home' Masterclass. Each room is broken down into small snippets so that you can find exactly what you need at any time.

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I want you to see exactly what you get inside my Mold Proof Your Home Masterclass. Here's my lesson 'Flooring' from the 'Basement' unit. This is just one of over 100 video lessons from the 15 units inside this Masterclass.

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The danger of mold in buildings isn't new

This is our son, Isaac. Devastated by mold.

Four trips to the ER at Childrens Hospital within one month, three trips within the first week. Always told he was fine. It was started by a moldy window in his room, but it took me nearly a year to figure it out.

I needed to add these bonuses!

As a Functional Health Practitioner, I couldn't leave you without this extra help as well. Your house is a high priority, but knowing how to test is key. I also can't let you cross contaminate homes. If you're moving, do NOT skip this BONUS unit.

BONUS: Mold Testing

Get this bonus chapter on testing for mold in your home, body, and other pertinent labs for mold toxicity.

($229 consultation value)

BONUS: Cross Contamination

One of the worst mistakes you can make when affected by mold is to cross contaminate homes. Read this.

($229 consultation value)

BONUS: Best Mold Binder

If you have mold toxicity, or other toxins, you need the best binder. Learn why Sludge is the premium systemic toxin binder.

($100 consultation value)

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If you watched my video at the top of this page you already know the devastation that mold caused our family. I have since spent nearly every day of every year studying mold, mycotoxins, detoxing mold, best labs, protocols and how to protect your home.

I share this knowledge with clients, but I needed this course to really spread the word. People should have access to this life changing information, protecting your home is PROTECTING YOUR BODY (and your families). 

I know you'll love my Masterclass. If not, I'll give you your money back! 

  1. Over 100 video lessons in my 15 Unit Masterclass (Over $2,000 of consultation time)
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  5. Securing your home from mold (Priceless)
  6. Guiding you through testing and moving (Priceless)
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I poured years of my mold knowledge about homes into this Masterclass. I'm so confident that you will be able to further protect your home (which could save you from chronic health issues) that I will give you 100% of your money back if you feel this wasn't valuable. I can't offer you anything more than that!

I would have paid A LOT of money to access this Masterclass.

This information would have saved us so much heartache, chronic health issues, stress and money. 

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